SPOTLIGHT | Connie Do, Graduate Student Researcher

Connie, a MS Student Researcher for the SSPEED Center at Rice, has focused her thesis research on modeling the environmental impacts of proposed storm surge mitigation strategies. These strategies seek to protect the most vulnerable areas around Galveston Bay during hurricane storm surge. During this research, Connie has worked to develop a modeling method for tracking chemical releases as a result of storm surge-induced storage tank damage. 


“I have applied this modeling method to assess how various storm surge mitigation scenarios might influence the probability and impact of chemical releases in the Houston Ship Channel during hurricanes,” said Connie Do. “I have also assisted in efforts to model the environmental quality impacts of these storm surge mitigation strategies.”


Connie’s primary interest of research is in both coastal and inland flooding. She has particular interest in projects pertaining to hydrologic/hydraulic modeling to assess the impacts of urban flood reduction features as well as studying the combined effects of rainfall-runoff and storm surge.


Connie holds a BS in Chemical Engineering at Rice and has been a Fellow for the NSF-PIRE Coastal Flood Risk Protection Program. In her free time, Connie enjoys the Houston's live music scene and being outdoors. 

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